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Our Team

Noel Watts


Noel (Anton) is the creative force behind Anton Hair. Working with his clients Noel knows that the work he does improves the lives of those in his chair, he values the friendships formed in the salon.

With an extensive clientele Noel is a sought-after stylist across Gippsland. Having developed a highly skilled team of colourists Noel’s work on the salon floor is now solely focused on cutting and styling. Having a specialised team contribute to your hair guarantees you amazing results.

You should feel confident that the leadership Noel provides to the entire team comes from his extensive hands on experience in hairdressing across Australia. Noel has previously worked as an industry trainer and assessor, has judged hair and beauty competitions and he has worked at New York Fashion Week.

Noel has built Anton Hair on the principle of Every Client, Every Time!

David Watts


David has worked tirelessly with the team to see Anton Hair recognised as a leader in salon operations. He has introduced innovative and creative ideas that have broken the mould of how salons conduct business.

Your experience is enhanced by the work David does ensuring our salon runs smoothly. You will also see a lot of him when not in the salon as the face of our social media. David hosts our weekly video series Lifestyle not Hairstyle and our information videos Ask Anton.

With a background in sales, operations and marketing David works with our team and suppliers to ensure Anton Hair has a sustainable future. He also coaches other salon owners across Australia in their quest to be better.

The message David has for our team is What are you going to teach your client today?

Andrea MacDonald


Your salon experience is led by Andrea who has over 35 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. Andrea ensures you leave the salon feeling better about your hair and yourself. Having seen the cycles, Andrea is a brilliant sounding board for our clients and team for advice on trends, styles, fashion and most importantly your hair health.

Andrea offers you our full range of services and is much in demand for her skills and ability. You can expect her to educate you on what she is doing with your hair and how you can maintain your hair health at home. You will find Andrea can make the complicated seem simple when she builds a plan for your hair.

Skill, education and continuous improvement has guided Andrea across Australia to work with salons large and small. She has a passion for developing apprentices and leads the training of our junior team members.

Our motto of It’s about the Experience shines through with Andrea.

Stephanie Bean


Stephanie has a unique natural ability to work with colour and hair. Her understanding of the science coupled with an incredible skill in the application has led her to develop a focus on improving colour outcomes for our clients.

You can expect a focus on the integrity of your hair not just how it looks when you leave the salon. Your hair health is a priority for Stephanie, she will work with your hair to achieve results with the least amount of damage.

Completing her original training with Noel, she has a passion for education and furthering her skills to provide our clients with the most current colour techniques available.

Your key question from Stephanie will be How are you looking after your hair at home?



Some people radiate their passion and for Chelsea it is BLONDE HAIR! With years of experience in hairdressing she has honed her skills to develop lightening techniques you will love.

You can expect to learn more about blonde hair than you ever thought possible after sitting in her chair. Chelsea has vivacious attitude and is such a pleasure to be around, she will give you amazing hair, educate you and make you feel amazing without it feeling like a visit to the salon.

Having worked across Gippsland, Chelsea has a loyal clientele that love visiting her at Anton Hair and her posse of Blonde Babes is growing each week.

You will definitely hear about Oil Balance from Chelsea, This product is a Godsend!



You will love meeting Candi who does amazing work from mild to wild! With the highest quality skills and attention to detail Candi will impress you when she works her magic on your hair.

Creative colour is Candi’s special skill and you can work with her to develop a look that is individual to you. Your hair is an amazing way to express yourself and let your personality shine through and Candi can work with you to find your inner creativity.

You will happy to know that Candi is an all-rounder in the salon. She has a loyal clientele of colour and style clients who love to visit her for her high technical skills.

Through Candi you will experience that It’s a Lifestyle not a Hairstyle.



For over fifteen years Stephanie has been mastering her skills as a hairdresser. You will love that Stephanie has a focus on customer service and traditional skill sets in the salon.

Your happiness is the driver for Stephanie’s work and her passion for all salon services is infectious.

Focusing on quality leaves you assured that Stephanie has your crown as her number one priority. You can expect excellence in colour results and finishing.

Stephanie also has a passion for barbering and our male clientele appreciate the advanced skills she brings to Anton Hair in this field.

You will notice that Stephanie lives by our rule of Quality over Quantity.



The highlight for many who visit Anton Hair is spending time with Hannah, she is a delight. You will notice Hannah has a passion for hair and her skills and confidence are developing daily under the guidance of our experienced senior team.

Your experience with Hannah in the salon could vary from basin and colour services to deluxe services in our private treatment room. You will enjoy watching her skills develop and may notice her rapid progression on the salon floor.

Hannah is lucky enough to be completing her training at the Masters Institute of Creative Education. ‘Masters’ offers the most up to date training in the hair, beauty and fashion industry and provides its students unique access to industry leaders.



Tahlia assists in managing our Anton Media brands. She is kept busy with ten different digital platforms for Anton Hair, Lifestyle not Hairstyle and Ask Anton.
Keeping our clients, community and industry partners up to date with relevant and informative information is her main focus and she enjoys working on new and exciting strategies.



Rhonda is the glue that holds the salon together and keeps things running smoothly. You expect high quality service from us and keeping the salon clean and hygienic is an important part of this.

You will love the conversation Rhonda provides and you cannot beat one of her cappuccinos.



The importance of managing stock levels is key for your hair results. You need us to have the colours and home care products available for you to get the hair you want, when you want it.

You may see Marni around the salon with her clipboard, trolley and happy smile.