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Anton Hair

Hair Breakage


Breakage is one of the worst things to see in hair, it can be very problematic and take significant time and TLC to recover from, so yes you should be worried!

When you decide to go on a journey to blonde or you intend on staying blonde, there is a high chance you will have some breakage, unless you put it in the hard work!

There are some actions you can start taking now:

  • TRIM!  Get rid of your split ends to prevent them splitting higher.
  • Do not brush your hair when it is wet or tie it up when it is wet.
  • Get protein and moisture into your hair ASAP.
  • Turn down the heat and minimise your use of heating tools.
  • Clean out your products and start again.

If you are having a lightening service at a salon you should be using an alkaline bond repairer like De Lorenzo NovaPlex, you should avoid acidic based plexes available in some salons.

It is not just lightening your hair that can cause damage.  Swimming in chlorinated pools is a major cause, so is using inferior supermarket products and your medications can also have an impact.

If you would like help to ascertain what may be causing your breakage or hair damage you should book a consultation with one of our stylists.  Our professionals can identify the impacting factors, give you tips and tricks to improve your hair health and provide you a personalised prescription.

Stephanie – Gippsland’s Colour Queen.

P.S Your hair loves oil.  Often when our hair dries out our natural oils do not make it all the way down the hair shaft, this leaves the ends brittle.  Add Oil Balance to your routine and fill your hair with the goodness it needs.

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