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It is definitely the time of year when stylists start hearing from our clients that they are having scalp issues, the big three are itching, flaking and irritation. You probably would not be surprised if I told you the basic answer is a lack of moisture, although there is a little more to it.

In healthy skin the outer cell layers are arranged like a brick wall, designed to lock the moisture in, when our skin is irritated those bricks begin to weaken and seperate and the moisture escapes. Winter has a huge impact on this as your scalp is trying to adjust to the artificial heat indoors and the cold air outside. This is the main cause of your irritation and lack of moisture.

De Lorenzo Tricho Scalp Balance Trio

The best way you can treat your dry scalp is to directly tackle the cause of the problem… moisturise. It is definitely the time to talk to your stylist about intensive moisture treatments at the basin, but also what leave in or at home treatments you could use to boost your moisture and soothe your scalp.

If you have a severe case, or are suffering from psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff or other conditions that cause redness and scaling such as stress, you have other options available to you too. De Lorenzo have a range of Australian made products developed by Trichologists which is simply called Tricho. My go to solution is the Scalp Balance Trio, this pack has a cleanser, conditioner and toner, this three step at home program will give you almost instant relief and can complement your existing home care regime.

Give this a try and remember should always seek advice from your GP if your symptoms are severe or ongoing.

Stephanie – Gippsland’s Colour Queen.

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